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"An Inspired Plan, 

           ... Produces Dream Results"



You and your family are unique and special to us. You deserve to have a beautiful home that is planned and built for you and your lifestyle.

Design in process …

  • Initial Meeting/Call: information & scheduling

  • Initial Design Proposal & Cost Estimate

  • Review & Sign Contract

  • Site Analysis (Measure, Photograph, & Inspect)

  • Site Plan & Create Existing Plan(s)

  • City planning requirements

  • Inspiration Process & Review

  • Plan of Existing

    • Existing Floor Plan, Ext. Elevations, Roof Plan

  • Proposed Plan(s)

  • Design Review Meeting(s) 

  • Exterior & Interior Elevation(s),

  • (M.E.P.)   Lighting Plan(s)

  • Construction Documentation

  • Order Additional Documentation (As Required)

    • Title 24 Energy,

    • Truss, Structural Engineering/ Calculations, Etc.

  • Structural Design Review Meeting(s)

  • Review Permit Set & Update (As Required)

  • Submit to City for Building Permit

  • Revise Plans Per City Request

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