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About us

We are a family owned business serving the bay area.  We have over 40 years of combined home improvement experience and we are consistently engaged industries education. Our training and certifications enable us to utilize innovated  techniques for remodeling your home.

Each family we work with is special to us. You deserve to have the beautiful home you want; planned and built for you and your family. We start by asking you and your family to complete a “Needs, Wants & Dream list”. You tell us what is important to you and how you live your everyday life. It includes colors and styles that you like, so we can get to know you better. Next we ask you to complete a “Working within Budget” worksheet. This allows us to know how you would like to spend your money on your project.

Your budgetary requirements are met in the design phase by our design build team and implemented with care during construction. Your knowledge of the home improvement process are important to us. Knowing that you and our team have worked together to establish realistic expectations and communication strategy will offer you a security that will make you feel protected.

S3 Design Group is the perfect choice to design and deliver a dream build experience for you and your family. We have great client references and a diverse portfolio. We will build something special together!

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S3 Design Group has a core team of creative, synergistic and caring professionals dedicated to listening and delivering what our customers care about and what’s important to them. In addition, we have a network of licensed engineers and professional tradesman that are ready to go to work on our customers dreams.


Nickolas Sosa:

Founder of S3 Design Group is a Real Estate Broker, Residential Designer, General Contractor and a Certified Green Building Professional

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