Its almost spring time and it’s a welcome change from our very cold and strange California winter weather. Its the time when the days get longer and we can start going outside and preparing our yards and gardens for summer. I love the beginning of spring when dormant plants and trees start budding. By this time, I can finally catch my breath and relax from the hectic holiday seasons. Yes, it takes me a while!

Here are some things that I do to get my yard ready for my children, garden and plans. 1st I clean up any and all of the plants that have been damaged and or died. This year due to the heavy frost, I lost three Dogwood shrubs and my beloved baby Kumquat tree. I prune my Wisteria during this month for beautiful purple blooms by mid spring. It’s my favorite flower and a joy to see when I pull into my driveway each evening. Lastly I begin to get ready for my garden. This is one of my favorite parts of spring. I have already created my own mulch. I turn the dirt with a shovel and then I put cardboard down to kill the weeds. I then put miracle-gro garden soil. This type has a great moisture control which I really need in Gilroy as sometimes the temperature reaches 110 in the summer. Then I will be ready to plant hopefully by the end of May…if the frost stays away! In the summer, my family and I share the best vegetables and so does my friends, coworker and neighbors:)

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